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Maj Gen Zafar Ullah

Chief Consultant

Chief Consultant Message

It is with immense pride that I reflect on the incredible journey we have undertaken together as part of RMRSCO and RUDN. As Chief Consultant, I am honored to lead a team that has demonstrated unwavering commitment, exceptional skills, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Our achievements stand as a testament to our collective efforts in the dynamic realm of the real estate industry. Through innovative strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and a dedicated approach, we have not only achieved growth but have also set new industry benchmarks. Our success is not just in numbers but in the trust we’ve earned from our clients and the positive impact we’ve made on the communities we serve.

At RMRSCO, our forward-thinking mindset has paved the way for incorporating groundbreaking technologies that optimize our operations and define new industry standards. We continue to evolve alongside the ever-changing real estate landscape, offering tailor-made solutions that underscore our commitment to client satisfaction and elevate us as industry leaders. Similarly, at RUDN, we have maintained our unwavering focus on innovation, ensuring that our operational efficiencies remain at the forefront. Our adaptability to industry shifts and our ability to craft bespoke solutions have been pivotal in solidifying our position as trendsetters. Our dedication goes beyond business; it extends to our responsibility as stewards of the environment and contributors to the betterment of society. 


In my role as Chief Consultant at RMRSCO and RUDN, I’ve led a remarkable team to achieve unprecedented success in Pakistan’s real estate sector. By infusing advanced technologies into operations, we’ve redefined industry standards and boosted operational efficiency. Our ability to tailor solutions to individual client needs has set us apart, while our adaptability has maintained our position at the industry’s forefront. Committed to social responsibility, we’ve made positive community impacts, and our sustainability focus ensures a greener future. Our team’s drive for continuous improvement sets new excellence benchmarks, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and excellence.