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Rahim Ud Din Naeem

CEO Rmrsco Pvt Ltd

CEO Message

Embracing Albert Einstein’s wisdom, we’ve turned challenges into stepping stones while crafting RUDN Enclave – a modern, sustainable housing society in Pakistan. From obstacles emerged growth as we built a thriving community, supported by our RWF charitable project and groundbreaking RUDN Astra education system. Our success is rooted not only in achieving goals, but in positively impacting society. We’re grateful to our customers for their trust and support, integral to RUDN Enclave’s journey. With dedication, we’re shaping a haven of tranquility and security, leaving a lasting mark in Pakistan.


Throughout our journey, we’ve embraced challenges as opportunities, echoing Albert Einstein’s wisdom. Our pinnacle achievement, RUDN Enclave, stands as a testament to our vision – a sustainable housing society redefining modern living in Pakistan. Amidst obstacles, we’ve fostered growth, building not only innovative homes but also the RUDN Welfare Foundation for charitable outreach and the esteemed RUDN Astra educational system. Our footprint extends beyond real estate; it’s about making a positive impact on communities. We’re grateful for our customers’ trust, their unwavering support fueling RUDN Enclave’s transformative development.